About Us

Computer Village, serving San Dimas and surroundings since 1988, has evolved beyond an IT firm specializing in network administration, sales, assembly, maintenance and systems analysis. We are systems architects, and our expertise is in the accurate assessment of clients’ needs and requirements. Therefore, Computer village can be a valued partner by ensuring that your current and future IT needs are dealt with efficiently. Our proactive approach in managing the technology needs of clients is based on:

  • Technical knowledge of clients’ requirements
  • Design, assembly, implementation and maintenance of simple to complex networks
  • Timely delivery of cost effective products

Our expertise in network administration, consolidation and maintenance is the proper foundation for IT business plans. The major advantages of having such a plan would be to guarantee “ just in time” preventative measures, speedy and effective disaster recovery, timely and cost efficient hardware and software upgrades, and proper training of key employees in fields related to technology.