Working From Home Just Got So Much Easier.

Today’s homes are more connected than ever. From smart thermostats, security cameras, wireless access, and vibrant multi-media capabilities.

Perhaps you have a couple of gamers in your house, who want cutting edge wireless access, keep that lag time low and that frag count high? We can help. Those same gamers might need an upgrade to their PC, so they can play today’s hottest titles, Computer Village games too!
Wireless being such an integral part of our lives, most ISP’s install a single residential gateway, where the wireless is only good for about 150 ft – 300 ft, we can extend and/or supplement that with a dedicated, wired access point system, making wireless available wherever your family likes to gather. Keep those cat video flowing and that status update uploading and Computer Village can gladly help.

For your home office? Let us secure your network, and set up Office 365 services for you. It’ll help you create, manage, and share your ideas with the world, improving your success.
Have an employee that needs secured access to your business? VPN’s are a great way to achieve that. Let us consult with you and see what your needs are.